iCLEBO Arte [5000 sqft]

Discontinued iCLEBO Arte [5000 sqft]
  • Premium grade robotic cleaner with capacity of 5000 sqft
  • Maintain floor cleanliness more efficient than human. FREE house demo available!
  • Advances Camera Vision Mapping
  • Navigate room to room without miss a spot
  • Wet mopping mode
  • Working time 3 hour (Max)
  • Charging less than 2 hours
  • Climb 20 mm carpet, doorsill or sliding door rail
  • Made in Korea



While human perform difficult and complex task well, when comes to handling repetitive jobs efficiently, no one can beat a machine. Introducing iCLEBO Arte, an intelligent cleaning robot designed to clean dry and wet floors systematically without missing a spot. 





The manufacturer

iClebo is made by Yujin Robot in South Korea, an original design manufacturer for several established brands of robotic cleaners. Yujin Robot is also well known on creating high technology products such as military robotic equipments, industrial robotic arm and meal transporting robot. The marking of MADE IN KOREA at the bottom of the robot adds the assurances of quality and reliability.





How iCLEBO Arte navigate?

iClebo Arte is the top end model from iClebo, equipped with triple CPUs for robot movements, vision camera, and power control . The CPU for the camera that capable of mapping out the entire house, including the furniture and enables this robot cleans systematically from room to room without repeat. iClebo Arte memorises its charging station location and automatically recharge itself at charging station when battery level is low. Once fully charged, it will continue to clean the areas that are undone.    



Battery life

iCLEBO is powered by advance lithium ion battery. The advantages of lithium ion include fast charging and longer lifespan than the conventional NiMH battery.  This battery technology couple with energy efficient CPU enables iCLEBO Arte works up to 3 hours in a single charge and fully re-charged in less than 2 hours. The advance navigation system couples with long working time enable iClebo Arte to clean floor from compact apartment to luxury villa up to 5000 sq ft.




How effective is iCLEBO Arte?

iClebo Arte automatically switch to ‘Wet Mop mode’ when a damp ultra micro-fiber mopping pad is attached on it. In this mode, robot will go straight to the end and then u-turn to perform another straight line parallel to previous line when detected a wall, doorsill or carpet. Iclebo’s 3-steps cleaning system (gathering dirt with twin side-brushes, lifting and vacuuming dust up into the dustbin and followed by wet mopping) will leave the floor clean with a freshly mopped feeling.



Cleaning carpet

Another signature feature of iCLEBO Arte is the ability to cross over barrier of 20 mm height which is 2 times higher than other robotic cleaners. This ability to climb enables robot to cross over doorsill, sliding door rails and move on to thick pile carpet with ease.



Maintaining iCLEBO

Maintaining iClebo is a breeze, just empty its dustbin and it can work for weeks without the need to doing anything else. Removing a brush on a traditional vacuum can be a pain, and quite often involves a screwdriver, but with iClebo, it’s all snaps and shaped parts that make it nearly impossible to mess up.

The anti-bacterial filter is able to reduce the washing frequency of filter without becoming a bacteria’s breeding place. For those who love to keep their gadget clean, iClebo is designed to be easily clean with its removable and washable dustbin and brushes.





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