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Just half a decade ago, owning a robotic vacuum cleaner is a luxury. That’s because early models are build for western homes. The technology and capacity needed in ensuring an acceptable cleanliness of their spacious homes making it out of reach for many consumers.

As the demands are rising, enable manufacturers come out with new models specifically build for other houses. Introducing terraBot, this highly intelligent, reliable and yet affordable TerraBot is the result of collaboration between some of the best robotic engineers from Japan, Korea and PRC. It has varies model designed to works from SOHO units to medium size semi-detach house.


The terraBot BL21A series are the flagship of terraBot top of the line BL series powered by ARM Cortex-M3 processor made by ST-Ericsson. Its intelligent navigation system capable of capturing real time data and calculate most relevant cleaning motion to each space. This model is designed to works on most semi-detach and double storey link house as it able to cover up to 1500 sqft with a single charge. TerraBot is fitted with sensors that detect obstacles from a distance thus reduce the likelihood of the robot bumping into your favorable furniture and a detachable micro-fiber mopping pad on the bottom to polish off sticky dust. TerraBot is capable of pick up pet hair, dust, dirt and other debris from most types of hard floor and its extra long side brush enables it to clean along the walls and furniture. TerraBot’s effective cleaning mechanism (sweeping, vacuuming, sterilizing and polishing floor concurrently) will leave floor with a sterilized and freshly mopped feeling.


Noise level of terraBot is as low as noise level in office. Its low noise vacuum makes terraBot is one of the very few robots that are suitable to be used at low noise environment such as office, hostel or home while one is asleep. You will be surprise that there is no conventional vacuum noise.


Maintaining terraBot is a breeze, just empty its dustbin and clean filter, terraBot can work for months without the need to doing anything else. Our high efficiency filter able to reduce the frequency of air filter required to be wash. For those who love to keep their gadget clean, terrabot is designed to be easily clean with the easy to remove dustbin and brushes.  Flip it over, hit the locking bar and you know you’re taking out something you’re supposed to.  Removing a brush on a traditional vacuum can be a pain, and quite often involves a screwdriver, but with terraBot, it’s all snaps and shaped parts that make it nearly impossible to mess up.


There are black and red colors offered complemented by a thin body, which can fits well into area below our bed and sofa. Its dimensions are measure at 32cm diameter and 8.7 cm height. At one look, terraBot feels large and thick in size but when compare side by side with others brand the compactness of terraBot became obvious.


TerraBot neo BL11A-G

If you are living on an apartment or SOHO unit with less than 1000 square feet, TerraBot neo BL11A-G are specially designed and built for these spaces and  do what it does best, sweeping and vacuuming.  The terrabot neo BL11A-G has upgraded with a micro-fiber floor polishing/mopping pad for more effective and detail cleaning.

TerraBot neo doesn't miss out on core features like 'anti-fall sensing system' which senses stairs or drop offs, 'auto recharging' which enables terraBot return to its recharging station when low on power, it soft touch bumper help senses obstacles which enable terraBot move away from it, anti-tangle safeguards which stop terraBot from munching its way through cables and scheduling feature that let terraBot start cleaning even when you are not at home.


What in the box

Both models comes with

- Recharging base
- Remote control
- Virtual barrier
- Mopping pad

- Power adapter
- 1 extra side brush
- 1 extra filter
- Cleaning tool
- User guide booklet


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