TerraBot WHITE BL21C-PW [1200 sqft]

TerraBot WHITE BL21C-PW [1200 sqft]


Advances robotic technology 
The terraBot BL21C series are the variant of terraBot top of the line BL series which powered by ARM Cortex-M3 processor made by ST-Ericsson. It’s intelligent navigation system capable of capturing real time data and calculates most relevant cleaning motion to each space. TerraBot’s effective cleaning mechanism (sweeping, vacuuming, sterilizing and mopping floor concurrently) will leave floor with a sterilized and freshly mopped feeling 

Designed for modern urban house. 
TerraBot BL21C series, is specially designed and built with modern urban houses in mind. This model can covered house with built up area of 1200 sqft with a single charge and do it all, sweeping, vacuuming, disinfect and mopping floor concurrently. 

Obstacle Avoidance Sensing 
TerraBot is specially fitted with light and touch sensors to let it move around and away from obstacles, most of the time without even touching them. This would effectively protect your valuable fixtures and furniture against scratches or damages. 

Less maintenance 
Maintaining terraBot is a breeze, just empty its dustbin and clean filter, terraBot can work for months without need to doing anything else. 

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